Dear friends,
I'm posting this to let you know that I've pulled papers to run for the South Hadley School Committee.
I'm running for school committee because I believe:

  • It's essential to have an open process involving teachers, administration, parents and the town in developing our school system's priorities and budget
  • Providing the best opportunities for all of our students, is a top priority
  • Trust and partnership between the school committee and the teachers is critically important for the success of our kids.

Charles Miles for School Committee from Charles Miles on Vimeo.

My background: I'm a US Army veteran who served in Iraq and Saudi Arabia in 1991 and became involved in veterans and national security issues on my return. I've spent my career in the IT sector primarily, with lots of management skills and experience running nonprofit organizations. I'm an experienced leader and believe I can do a good job helping to meet the needs of our town.

Please join me on my Facebook page to keep up to date on my campaign and other news related to the town! I'll be checking that page regularly, so also, feel free to send comments, feedback and suggestions!